about milk and night

milk and night is a curatorial concept exploring contemporary art, feminism and the politics of the body, with a focus on inter-generational and inter-sectional conversations. 

milk and night is artist Coco Dolle's curatorial entity when she curates concept exhibitions, discussion panels, and performance events inviting emerging and established artists to bridge inclusive dialogues.

milk and night  takes residence in the heart of New York City.

milk and night is the curator/co-creator of the performance art series "TRANS-Ville" for Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, 250 Broome Street, NYC. 

milk and night offers consulting, branding and production services for artists and independent galleries.

Contact milkandnightcuratorial@gmail.com

 Coco Dolle photo by Pola Esther

Coco Dolle photo by Pola Esther

About the Curatorial Director: French-born Coco Dolle is an artist, performer and curator working in New York City. Her inclusive curatorial approach is inspired by the words of writer Helen Cixous "My words are written in black and white, in milk and night". "Milk and Night" is Coco's curatorial entity. Coco has worked with numerous artists established in the feminist community including the Guerrilla Girls, Betty Tompkins, Kembra Pfahler, Lisa Levy, emerging artists Taja Lindley, Ayana Evans, Cindy Hinant and Katya Grokhovsky, as well as the new generation of voices from India Salvor Menuez.