"EQUILIBRIUM: An allegory of Rebirth"

A solo presentation of ANGE's works during FRIEZE WEEK


MAY 5 - 7, 2017

Milk and Night curatorial is pleased to present Equilibrium: An allegory of rebirth , ANGE’s second solo presentation with Milk and Night, hosted at The Lodge Gallery during Frieze Week. ANGE is a one woman show of photographic self-portraits exploring human nature’s existential themes via the lense of the artist’s introspective landscape. As her practice takes form in a series of visual vignettes ever-evolving into her ‘emotional calendar’, provoking and evoking ‘feelings beneath the skin’, ANGE elevates a mystical connection to the creature of creation inside of us all, as it cycles through traumatic and miraculous experiences. In her dance of birth, death, and decay, the biochemistry of love becomes the inevitable rite of passage within this metamorphosis. We as human beings must endure the perennial cycles of love, abundance, loss, rejection and growth and pass through emotional seasons, a parallel to Mother nature’s eternal reinvention.