Milk and Night is a creative and curatorial consulting agency based in New York City.

Milk and Night offers an amalgam of services from content curation to creative strategies in the Art World.

Milk and Night helps artists, gallery owners and art entrepreneurs strategize creative concepts and media branding.

Milk and Night coaches and mentors international artists at all stages of their career.

Milk and Night offers successful help for immigrant artists applying for their 0-1 Visa and GreenCard in the USA.

Milk and Night is an expert in French-American business art.

Milk and Night is the creative agency of Ms. Dolle.

To request a quote or for further information please contact milkandnightcuratorial@gmail.com

Coco Dolle photo portrait by Pola Esther, 2017

Coco Dolle photo portrait by Pola Esther, 2017

About Coco Dolle: With 20 years of experience in New York City, French-American Coco Dolle is an expert in navigating the contemporary arts. Over the past decade, Ms. Dolle has established herself as one independent leading art curator and creative consultant featured in numerous press publication including Forbes, NY Observer, W, Harper’s Bazaar and Art News.

Coco Dolle has worked with numerous independent gallery owners and artists in New York. While her approach to curation is inspired by global feminism, her eponym “Milk and Night” takes direct inspiration from the writings of French feminist poet Helen Cixous "My words are written in black and white, in milk and night".

Ms Dolle studied at the University of London and received her Bachelor of Arts in Arts management & International strategies from The European Business School in Paris, France. In New York, she attended The Art Student’s League and The New York Studio School studying painting. She then developed a body of work as an artist while producing curatorial exhibitions and expending her network. She is now helping other artists refine their projects and gallery owners develop curatorial concepts. Fluent in French-American business art, Ms Dolle is the perfect liaison person for galleries expending in between the two continents.