milk and night is a creative boutique agency directed by Coco Dolle and based in New York City.

milk and night offers tailored consulting services in art curation, marketing, communication, branding and digital strategy.

milk and night creates and produces original contemporary exhibition concepts and programming.

milk and night works with art entrepreneurs, artists, galleries and institutions.

milk and night contact milkandnightcuratorial@gmail.com

Coco Dolle photo portrait by Pola Esther, 2017

Coco Dolle photo portrait by Pola Esther, 2017

About the Director: French-born Coco Dolle is an artist and curator with a fine expertise in the culture of contemporary arts. Over the years, Coco has established herself as an avant-guard curator and art consultant in New York featured in numerous press publication including Forbes, NY Observer, W Magazine, Huffington Post and Art News. Her inclusive curatorial approach takes inspiration from the writings of Helen Cixous "My words are written in black and white, in milk and night". With her international background and business experiences in the world of art and fashion, Miss Dolle brings an elegant flair with a unique sensibility for the creatives and the entrepreneurs alike.