Portrait of a young artist: Y.R. EGON (Ruchira Amare)

Continuing our support for young talents in New York, Milk and Night follows the growing steps of multi-disciplinary brand and artist Y.R.Egon, a.k.a Ruchira Amare. A Parsons alumni, Ruchira has developed a unique practice between fashion illustration, painting and hand stitching techniques while working for the likes of celebrity designer Donna Karen.

This summer we met with Ruchira at the Teresa Byrnes gallery in the East Village during the opening of pop-up exhibition “Girls Create Art” curated by Erica Freeman. Amongst a variety of multi-media works, Ruchira presented her latest abstract painting stemming from her “Hanging Lights” series. The use of her color palette and the choice of techniques revealed a subtle mix of aesthetics between her Indian heritage and her passion for the French Impressionists. Ruchira’s painting invites the viewer into an imaginary world of nostalgic contemplation, where time and memory softly intertwine. The “Girls Create Art” event occurred during a pleasant summer day in New York which made this exhibition a successful local happening enhanced by the participation of a mosaic of international female artists.

Published in New York City, August 30th, 2019

Text and Images by Coco Dolle

Y.R.Egon, Ruchira Amare with her work, NYC, 2019

Y.R.Egon, Ruchira Amare with her work, NYC, 2019