TRANS-Ville |Act THREE will start with an intergenerational performance duo by famously outrageous artist Ann Liv Young and her 10 year old daughter, followed by the intellectual feminism of Heide Hatry, a bondage political metaphor by Miriam Parker, a transcultural dance by Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, a hypnotic trance choreographed by Legacy Fatale, a transgalactic piece by night-life artist Gage of the Boone, and a festive soul act by singer songwriter Jade De LaFleur. 

Inspired by the popular early 20th century Vaudeville genre, TRANS-Ville consists of a variety of original, short acts combining body language, spoken words, sound and concept works playing with notions of transition. Curator Coco Dolle and Catinca Tabacaru Gallery invite you to witness the voices, peep shows, satires, manifestos and queer visions of our city in the gallery’s window space. A concept performance series designed by Milk and Night Curatorial, TRANS-Ville makes part of Catinca Tabacaru's commitment to the Gallery acting as a broader multi-disciplinary platform expanding dialogue and experience and acting outside of conventional spheres.